Shows and Exhibits

Ferns of Hawaii at Hawaii Nei^November, 2013. Wailoa Arts and Cultural Center; Hilo, HI. Hawai‘i Nei 2013 art exhibition featuring species native to the Big Island. Work exhibited: “Ferns of Hawaii,”  “Hawaiian Haha” (watercolor-and-ink). Juried.


DT at Red Space show^September, 2013. The Red Space, Hilo, HI. Showcase x 3 featuring the work of three Big Island artists: Bea Israel, Linda Peterson, and Diane Thornton. Watercolor-and-ink, box paper mosaics.

^January, 2012. DT with “Pele Dreams” watercolor and ink,  East Hawaii Cultural Center’s 100-Year Anniversary Exhibit for Hawaii Volcano Observatory. The show featured over 60 pieces ranging from stained glass to ceramics as well as an exhibit by HVO of vintage film and photos. All pieces depicted images related to Kilauea volcano. Work exhibited: “Pele Dreams,” “Do-It-Yourself Lava Flow” (interactive piece). Juried exhibition.


^January, 2012. Diane’s husband, Don, demonstrates her interactive piece, “Do-It-Yourself Lava Flow” by makin’ like Pele and rearranging the landscape.


^September, 2011. East Hawaii Cultural Center, annual Trash Art Show. Diane’s triptych, “Heleconia” featured thousands of pieces of box paper (think Cheerios boxes) on three 24×24 canvases. The piece took over four months to create, which is why she hopes never to see a box of Stouffer’s French Bread pizza again.


^September, 2011. East Hawaii Cultural Center’s 2011 Trash Art Show. Diane was honored with the Recycle Hawaii’s 2011 Tutu Hana Hou Award for her piece “Puppy’s First Year.” The wall-hanging featured dozens of stuffed animals that had been torn apart by her little dog, Paco Diablo, the stuffing humorously coming out their eyes, mouths, and ears—which, thankfully, got a lot of laughs. The piece was donated for fundraising to EHCC.


^October, 2009. DT with two of her pieces at EHCC’s 2009 Trash Art Show. These are paper mosaics using strips of box paper (think Cheerios boxes).


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