ART DIRECTORS! From spot art to full-page illustration, artist Diane Thornton's lighthearted style might be just what you're looking for. Scroll down for a sampling of her published work.

^This image for Stanford magazine accompanied an article about a student who was juggling studies and her love for cooking. AD: Bambi Nicklen (This image is available as a giclée print at: D. S. Thornton, Fine Art and Illustration )

^Spot illustrations for Stanford magazine article about raising kids. Images (from L) depicted child, the burden of schoolwork, cost of raising a child, resourcefulness, and attention issues. AD: Amy Shroads.

^Accompanied a story about multiple-generations of one family who attended Stanford. For Stanford magazine. AD: Amy Shroads.

^Spot illustrations for Stanford magazine's Cardinal Numbers. I like how the little cloud moves on the film.

^Someone with a lot of extra time on their hands actually counted the number of times the justices on the U. S. Supreme Court made a funny. Clarence Thomas: Not so much. Scalia: Laugh riot. The SCOTUS Laugh-O-Meter gave them ratings from smelly fish to barrel of monkeys. For Stanford magazine. AD: Amy Shroads.


These image are available as prints, too!

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