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ARTIST DIANE THORNTON lives on the Big Island of Hawaii, where she focuses on tropical themes. "The islands inspire me," she says. "From the grandest sunset to the smallest fern, inspiration is everywhere." She works primarily in watercolor and ink.

“I’m not much for expounding on my art as commentary or serious reflection of this or that. I simply make art that makes me happy. When it makes other people happy, that makes me even happier.”

Ms. Thornton left behind a 30-year career in graphic design and now concentrates on her art and writing careers. FULL BIO.

Ms. Thornton's fiction includes Scrap City (middle-grade fantasy; Capstone Young Readers), and Marvin Plotnik and the Sandy Rivers Hilltop Ranch for Wayward Youth, Juveniles, and Young Adults (sci-fi humor, Monkeypod Publishing). Book excerpts and all the haps here: D. S. Thornton, Author


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